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Join My Flower Full May Moon Circle on Friday the 24th of May 2024 at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, Dublin 2

Join my May Flower Full Moon Circle on Friday the 24th of May, having stepped into our summer time of Bealtaine, I invite you to reflect back on your winter Samhain preparation, your Imbolg planting of ideas and seeds of creation, to now see what needs doing in order to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires for the summer and harvest ahead. All of the opportunity and power is within you to do this.

 Grandmother moon will be in her fullest on Thursday morning at 9.53 am. I will be be holding circle on Friday evening from 7-10pm at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, on 26 Frederick Street South, (off Nassau St) Dublin 2. 

This is a gathering of women, soul sisters, from all walks of life, all ages, coming together around the time of the full moon to share, cleanse, reflect and connect with the wisdom and beauty of each other, the moon, life and our journey.


More information about our May full moon, Flower full moon, an opportunity to re-direct your energy to what matters most. Shamanic Jouney & Vision Board Work.

The festival of Bealtaine is just begun, the start of our Irish Summer. The time to do what is necessary to nurture and tend to your crop, be that your dreams, hope and wishes for the near future ahead. During Bealtaine, we work with the energy of fire to being about change and transformation.

We have an opportunity now to bring about our own transformation, be that in work, in our living situation, in relationships, all areas of life.

As I always say, the group that is meant to come together do so for unknown reasons at this stage. That will certainly come to light on the night. If you feel called to join this circle, take note of your thoughts and feeling between now and Friday the 24th of May as this work starts when you read this information. Let that spark ignite, acknowledge it, and let it being about the necessary change towards transformation.  Come to express, to be heard and aknowledged without expectation or judgement at our circle gathering.


 “The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place.”  Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Re-Ignite your creative Spirit, Re-awaken your inner guidance, and

Remember what it feels like to be in a sacred community of women.  

Our circle will run from 7-10, honed for the group that come together following this flow:

  • time to arrive, have a cuppa, meet people and settle in (between 6.45 and 7pm)

  • You may like to bring an offering for our alter.

  • opening of sacred space (7pm)

  • casting our confidential circle

  • a beautiful spring cleanse. 

  • a group share (your thoughts and reflections on your journey, what needs to die and change) No need for any preparation, just allow yourself to speak from your heart and if you decide not to share that is fine too but I highly recommend it :-)))

  • A small break to refresh, have a cuppa and prepare for our ceremony. 

  • Shamanic Journey and Vision Board Creations.

We will finish off with

  • fire ceremony.

  • closing of our circle and sacred space

  • when it will be time to head home safely in the moonlight.


Reasons why women come (comments by Women for Women)

‘To continue the connection of all that I am & who we are.’

‘To be with other like-minded women and not have to talk about skinny jeans!’

‘To sit in circle with the energy of sisterhood.- to be myself & be accepted in the circle.’

‘To support each other and feel the power of the community of Women.’

‘Full Moons are a great time for women to meet.’

‘I need calm nurturing female energy.’

‘A break and detox from male energy.’

‘To learn more and to build a new community.’

‘I want wisdom to know what you know.’


The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is on 26 Frederick Street, opposite Dunne & Crescenzi, off Nassau St next to Gormleys Art Gallery. The Georgian Building with blue door. We are downstairs to the left.

We are downstairs...

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