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Join My Next Women's Full Moon Circle on Tuesday, the 17th of September 2024, our annual sky clad swim gathering and celebration under the harvest moon.

You might think I am mad, well maybe I am! It's that time of year again when we get the opportunity to join in sacred ceremony with other wild women, swim in the sea, amid the soft seaweed, under the fullness of mother moon. Indeed a powerful celebration and opportunity! 

 Grandmother moon will be close to her fullest on Tuesday evening, before reaching her fullest on Wesnesday at 3.34am. This event is held in North County Dublin on a quiet stretch of beach. You can decide to jump in sky clad or with swimming gear, a sarong or just dip your toes in. That is a personal choice although usually everyone joins in at the end after our shamanic ceremony and sharing. Many empowering and fantastic memories have been made at this event over the years.


This is a gathering of women, soul sisters, from all walks of life, all ages, coming together around the time of the full moon to share, cleanse, reflect and connect with the wisdom and beauty of each other, the moon, life and our personal soul journeys.


Meeting in a North Dublin location around 6:30/7 PM (exact location will be shared with those who book closer the time) Lift shares to be arranged after booking.

We have had some memorable sky clad circles in the past, some which could be retold on the day. This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with nature and celebrate the full moon outside with like minded women. 

I ask each person to bring a piece of wood for the fire and a small snack to share with the group. Keep in mind that we do not want to be carrying much to our location and/or home with us afterwards, so something small will do just fine.

Our ceremony is held on a secluded beach in North County Dublin, hidden beyond a delightful walk way by the golden sheaves of wheat. We light a fire there on the beach and follow our usual ceremony with opening of sacred space, casting of our circle, cleanse, share and picnic. After this you are presented with an opportunity to enter the sea in whatever way is most comfortable for you. 

As I always say, the group that is meant to come together do so for unknown reasons at this stage. That will certainly come to light on the night. If you feel called to join this circle, take note of your thoughts and feeling between now and Tuesday the 17th of September, as this work starts when you read this information. Let that spark ignite, acknowledge it, and let it bring about the necessary change towards transformation.  Come to express, to be heard and aknowledged without expectation or judgement at our circle gathering.

Having lived in Turkey and only being used to the warm Mediterranean, I did not, for one second even imagine, I would dip my big toe in the water back in 2010. However, after sacred ceremony, etc. I had a very different experience bathing naked in the beautiful Irish sea under the moonlight with other wild women. I enjoyed it so much, I didn't want to get out, even though I had not swam in the Irish Sea or Atlantic Ocean for over 30 years at least. The same has happened for may other women who attended in the meantime.

This is one we all have to really go for and just make that positive decision, then manifest the weather, join in beautiful ceremony, with the calm sea, and wonderful moonlight etc. Doing a ritual a wee bit out there, maybe a wee bit cold, beyond our safe boundary, but that can give us such a sense of freedom, self-belief, fun, and empowerment. I highly recommend it. 


 “The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place.”  Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Re-Ignite your wild feminine side, Re-awaken your connection with your intuition, and self empowerment. Remember what it feels like to be in a sacred community of women.  

Our circle will run from 6.30/7pm -10pm, honed for the group that come together following this flow:

  • arranging car share

  • bringing a piece of wood for the fire

  • bringing something for the picnic (savory, sweet, or refreshment)

  • feel free to bring something to put on our alter if you feel called to do so

  • car share to beach 

  • setting up our sacred working space and altar

  • opening of sacred space

  • casting our circle

  • a beautiful cleanse and 

  • a group share (how do we feel about our bodies, being naked or not, swimming in the Irish Sea). Focus on what calls you and this may even change on the night, so it is best to go with the flow. It is also an opportunity to give gratitude for what we are harvesting and how we might prepare for the next Celtic Year Cycle starting at Samhain. 

  • A small picnic. If you could being some small delights to share (fruit, sandwiches, bickies, flask of water, juice, etc.) that would be fantastic. If everyone brings something small to share, we will have a feast I am sure; our very own second harvest. 


 We will finish off with:

  • fire ceremony (a special one) 

  • swim...

  • closing of our circle and sacred space

  • when it will be time to head home safely in the moonlight                                

What to bring: 

Bring any symbols or items to place on the alter during the ceremony, a towel, some wood for the fire and some food to share. Don't worry if you can't bring anything, we will have plenty and you may be able to help carry items to the spot where we will play and have fun.  


Reasons why women come (comments by Women for Women)

‘To continue the connection of all that I am & who we are.’

‘To be with other like-minded women and not have to talk about skinny jeans!’

‘To sit in circle with the energy of sisterhood.- to be myself & be accepted in the circle.’

‘To support each other and feel the power of the community of Women.’

‘Full Moons are a great time for women to meet.’

‘I need calm nurturing female energy.’

‘A break and detox from male energy.’

‘To learn more and to build a new community.’

‘I want wisdom to know what you know.’


Our venue if the weather changes, it rarley does. The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is on 26 Frederick Street, opposite Dunne & Crescenzi, off Nassau St next to Gormleys Art Gallery. The Georgian Building with blue door. We are downstairs to the left.

We are downstairs...

The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is run by Geraldine and offers 50+ therapies and Various Courses by 20 qualified and passionate therapists. Click here for more details.

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