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Learn how to manage and improve your own health

I am passionate about teaching people to take responsibility for their own health. My philosophy is like we service our cars, for us to undertake a commitment to preventative health care, so prioritising and energising our mind, body, soul and spirit and supporting our health in various ways in order to stay healthy and prevent serious disease. 


Paracelsus, a 16th century philosopher and physician said “Those who merely study and treat the effects of disease are like those who imagine that they can drive away the winter by brushing the snow from the door. It is not the snow that causes the winter but the winter that causes the snow”. So what does this actually mean. 


If we have some kind of worry or fear arises, if we do not take time out to deal with that issues, why it arose in the first place and look at the root cause and offer healing to that part of ourselves, the mental stress, even we may not be consciously aware of it, will present itself in the physical body and them you might get acne or a pain in your stomach or a kidney infection. This is your body telling you to sort it out. Many such cases or dis-ease built on top of each other without attention can result in more serious disease. This is what I believe and have lived by since I got a bad flu in 1992. After 3 doses of antobiotics, it was not clearing. Don't ask me how, but I ended up in a local Homeopaths Practice. I didn't even know at the time what Homeopathy was! Homeopathic medicines gently cured me of these recurring kidney infections and recurring troat infections that I had endured for over 20 years since a child. Homeopathy took me on a wonderful healing journey which assisted me to speak out about sexual abuse I had experienced as a child and assisted me to right the power inbalances of that time. I was so impressed, I went onto study Homeopathy for 4 years. My sone was born at home in a birthing pool with the use of only Homeopathy. He has been treated with Homeopathy all his life and now at the sweet age of 23 years, maybe had antibiotics 2-3 times in his life time if at all. He is very aware of his health, and when the slightest symptom arises, he reaches for a Homeopathic Remedy to cure the symptoms. 


I continued to be engrossed in all energy medicine and various modalities and so I went onto study, Reiki, Shamanic Therapy, Life Coaching, Hawaiiam Lomi Lomi Massage and eventually to complete the circle, I finished an Hons Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy and just became accreddited with the IACP in Jan 2022. 


People often ask, what therapy do I go for and I alwsys say, it is like a mode of transport to getting well but if you were planning a trip from Dublin to Cork, you could go by Train, Bus, Car, Bicycle or even walk and therapy is very miuch like this, you have to find the mode of therapy that suits you best. It could also be a compilation of different therapies. 

Then I encourage clients to take responsibility for their own healing and learn the differetn modalities I teach, Basic first aid Homeopathy, Reiki Training to Practitioner and Teacher and various Shamanic Courses which assist you to make your personal healing journey a way of life. 


So I invite you to take the first step and make your first appoinment to becoming your own healer. 

Warmest blessings, 


The Dublin Wellbeing Centre
24 Frederick St South

Dublin 2
T + 353 86 3473473

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