Therapies in Dublin

Therapies in Dublin

Therapies in Dublin

Your health is your wealth. We all deserve to live a happy and meaningful life and to love unconditionally. I personally offer a wide range of Therapies in Dublin along with my colleagues in The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, where I work from, we offer over 25+ therapies and courses in Dublin City Centre.

Physical problems such as digestive problems, rashes, eye problems etc. and mental illnesses such as stress, depression, sleeplessness and reaction to life’s trauma’s along the way are all a part of life’s journey and a manifestation of something wrong in our inner workings that needs healing.

Change is possible, in fact, it could be easier than your ego allows you to believe. Fear of a problem can sometimes be bigger than the problem itself. As humans, we need time to adjust. We need someone to believe us, to support us, to encourage us, someone to trust who can assist us to remove the blockages and habits that hold us back from realising our full potential and our dreams.

We all have the power within us, when we take responsibility for our lives and get that support and assistance, it is possible to change.

That is what I do. I facilitate people like you to change your life, using a range of tools to suit you, working at your pace and towards your goals and intentions for life.

     Take the essential first step today and call me, Geraldine, on 086 3473473

Paracelsus, a 16th century philosopher and physician said “Those who merely study and treat the effects of disease are like those who imagine that they can drive away the winter by brushing the snow from the door. It is not the snow that causes the winter but the winter that causes the snow”

www.timeforme.ieWhile I offer a variety of treatment, I usually use a combination of these to best suit your needs in healing sessions that can last from from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours.

These therapies are like different types of transport,so like deciding whether to travel by car, bus, train, plane or walk to you destination depending on your destination, is it local, temporary or long distance.  Letting go of labels and expectation, treating your whole person in all the details of your personal experience of symptoms and  what they mean to you. Here are the therapies I use: These can also be booked as individual sessions.

Reiki - If you need to relax, switch off, lay under a warm blanket on a comfortable plinth, relax to beautiful music, rest, revive and revitalise yourself, consider a session of Reiki. The powerful Reiki energy rebalances your energetic body, smoothing your aura, bringing a wonderful feeling of being supported and energised as well as totally relaxed.

 Homeopathy - If you need to talk it out, in a totally non-judgemental and held space where you can express freely and be listened to completely. Hearing yourself speaking out loud, releasing pent up feelings and letting go of these, deep change can occur. Remedies are a wonderful support for acute and constitutional treatment.

Life Coaching - Identify what is going on, what your goals are and what is holding you back. Set goals and intentions, identify strategies and supports required to make changes in your life with ongoing support.

Shamanism - Shamanic Counselling and Therapy - Be guided to connect with your inner knowing, your intuition, your sacred guides to let go of negative energy and the hold it can have on you as well as habits that are difficult to change outside of the altered state. This is powerful and deep work.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Body Work - This is a beautiful, respectful, healing and sensual experience that is deeply healing in a physical way. Sometimes our physical bodies can hold memories and blockages and need to be tricked into letting go.

CEASE Therapy - is a method of de-detoxifying the body from susceptibilities. It is used when the body if not responding with its natural healing ability. 

Space Clearing - sometimes even if we have very successful treatments, when we return home, we can revert to feeling unwell. Or we can just sense negative energy in our surrounds. It is good to have your own personal living space or working space cleared of heavy energy to bring in flow and happiness to our sacred place of rest, work and play. 

Women’s Circle – Moonlight Gatherings - sometimes we need to work in a group, to share and support and celebrate. This is a gathering of women, soul sisters, from all walks of life, all ages, coming  together around the time of the full moon to share, cleanse, receive rites, reflect, do creative work, journey and connect with the wisdom and beauty of each other, the moon, life and our journey. We have a wonderful group and you are most welcome to join in. As this is a closed group, attendance is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining please call or email me.  

Celtic Wheel Gatherings - sometimes we can receive much by connecting with nature and the sacred sites. This is an opportunity to celebrate the seasons, set intention, invoke new guides and connections, test ourselves and share with others. If you are interesting in hosting or joining these gathering to celebrate the sacred Celtic festivals, please do contact me. 

Reiki Courses, Level I, II, Practitioner and III, Master - these courses are a wonderful foundation to learning about self protection, healing, space clearing and all of the facets of energy work. Call me if you are interested in taking part and the schedule is updated regularly. These courses are certified by the Reiki Federation Ireland. 

Introduction to Homoeopathy, Health and First Aid - this is a practical one day introduction on how to use Homoeopathy for yourself, your family and friends. You receive a comprehensive workbook that looks at illnesses and remedies in details. I assist you in this course to decide on specific Homoeopathic remedies for your very own personal kit. 

Introduction to Shamanism - this is a one day course where you can deepen your connection with your inner knowing and the spirit world, learn self protection and much more about this most ancient healing knowledge. 

Rites of passage - we have disconnected more and more from preparing consciously and celebrating with intent these important life events, such as when a child is born, a teenager emerges, we become adults, a couple prepare to commit to each other, we become parents, we enter the menopause, we prepare to get go of someone special and we prepare to die. Facilitation with sacred intent and respect. 

Sacred site visits - bespoke trips to sacred sites all around Ireland can be facilitate for small group. 

Retreats - the ‘time for me’ retreat is being born and will be happening shortly, watch this space. 

All of these services are provided personally by Geraldine and are arranged by appointment or invitation only. Certain services can be tailored for corporate or private groups. Please feel free to call me to discuss further on 086 3473473


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