Testimonials for Healing

Testimonials for Healing

These are true testimonials from real clients who attended healing with Geraldine.

Testimonials from clients

For me, Geraldine is like a warm, gentle, healing and empowering breeze that surrounds you while you are in her company. Magic is guaranteed in this sacred space that she opens with respect and truth from her heart. I simply love her.

Noemí Modamio reviewed October 5 · 2016

Geraldine is a great practitioner and very tuned into her clients needs. I would highly recommend her.

Tricia reviewed September  · 2017

I loved Geraldine’s gentle touch and powerful results in clearing and grounding. And the way Geraldine calls all the elements with due respect and love. True Shamaness… I received Lomi Lomi massage – for the first time and enjoyed it so much. The space is beautiful and welcoming. Dragana

Dragana Mac reviewed September 23 · 2016

Geraldine is a great facilitator and holds sacred space wonderfully well, always with a touch of magic and a great sense of fun.

Deirdre Hannon reviewed September 23 · 2016

Geraldine has a gentle knowing approach to healing but her work is very powerful and strong. I had intensive shamanic healing with Geraldine which sent me on a solid path to change in my life.                                                                                                                   Niamh, Dublin after Shamanic Healing, November 23 – 2015

Shamanic healing created a safe space for me to claim and take back home to my heart, parts of my soul I had rejected, through fear and lack of understanding. It helped me put all the pieces of me into one, it allowed me to honour and accept all that I am and take responsibility for my own healing. In one word it CONNECTED Me to life.  Anna, Dublin after Shamanic Healing, August 16 – 2015

Geraldine’s healing space is such a beautiful place to be. I love going there, it is so comfortable and relaxing.                                                                                                                                Patricia, Dublin after a Reiki Session, May 23 – 2015

Testimonials about the space at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre

Nadine Langhard reviewed 28 September 28 ·2016

Geraldine has created an oasis of calm in the centre of Dublin. I instantly felt at ease in this beautiful space. I highly recommend you treat yourself to some me time here.

Dee Larsen reviewed September 23 · 2016

I have facilitated many Heal Your Life workshops in Geraldine’s Centre and we all love this special space. Very peaceful, cosy and a beautiful spot in the heart of the vibrant Dublin city. The second you enter you feel angelic energy and you just can’t feel anything but relaxed. Thank you Ger :))

Julia Tronina reviewed September 21 · 2016

Testimonials about Courses

I recently attended Reiki level 1 and 2 with Geraldine at “Time For Me”. It truly was a wonderful and life changing experience for me. I would highly recommend thses courses to anyone who is starting out on their Reiki journey. Geraldine is a fantastic Teacher and a gifted healer with a very warm personality and ability to make you feel completely at ease. Looking forward to doing my Practitioner Course soon.

Edel O Callaghan reviewed June 12 · 2016

Testimonials about the Women’s Full Moon Circle 

Monthly Full Moons Women’s Gathering – REASONS WHY WOMEN COME 
                                      ( from participants in the recent gatherings) 

  • To start and continue my Inner Journey
  • To feel safe in the knowledge that my contribution is always worthwhile
  • To enter a beautiful space,  where honesty, openness & equality of thoughts are nurtured
  • It’s a lovely place to meet new friends of like minds
  • To purify, cleanse and heal my female energy
  • To be with our soul sisters and empower each other.
  • To find out what it is to be a REAL woman without plastic boobs and tons of make up
  • To listen to other women experiences and get space for sharing mine
  •  To be in a safe space where I can talk about what’s on my heart
  •  I love rituals and they work with me very well
  • To take some time out for myself and be with other powerful women

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