Space Clearing

Space clearing of homes and offices in Dublin and surrounding areas.

Space clearing is the clearing and revitalising of energies in buildings, be they businesses or homes or land. It’s as essential to the energetic maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.

Space Clearing in DublinA space can be influenced by lay lines of energy that run underneath or around it. Such energies can be tracked using dowsing rods and remedies can be put in place to balance them. Some rooms may just need to be cleansed of energies from people who previously lived in the space.

I use sage, bells, fire and sacred water to clear spaces. sometimes a particular space may require more details work. I work with the owner or employer or employees or persons living in the space to understand their intention for the cleanse and also can include a personal cleanse of the people.

Sometimes, when people have therapeutic treatment, returning to a space that has a low energy can influence that persons long term healing and so it is as important to consider a space clearing from time to time. Especially when entering a new house, after a change in dynamic between the people in the building or if someone is particularly occupied with spiritual energies from the past.  Space clearing in a disruptive work space or in a premises that is not attracting business, space clearing can be fruitful.

As an outsider sometimes, I can see things that the people living in the house cannot see Space Clearing in Dublinclearly themselves.

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