Shamanism & Counselling in Dublin

Shamanism & Counselling in Dublin

Shamanism & Counselling is so exciting for me as it contains a mix of talking therapy and energy therapy. With a BA (Hons) Degree in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy and my training in Shamanism, this can bring an interesting aspect to my work with you. The Shamanism course I studied started with a foundation level that prepared me personally and moved me through the stages of building my malá, a medicine bundle. My malá holds many things representative of me but in particular my sacred stones (lia Naofa) which I use in my shamanism & counselling sessions.

Shamanism & Counselling in Dublin with Geraldine WalshI practice 5 specific techniques and others. All are based on the Celtic tradition, Imbas, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Psychopomp and Death Rites. I also offer an integrated session which looks at each aspect of the techniques above and others. These are one off sessions, between the work in the session and follow on soul work, allow approx 4-6 weeks for this work to fully integrate, possibly longer. Support is available at any time. Clients usually return as required, months or years later.

The first technique I practice is IMBAS – divine inspiration- illumination. This technique facilitates the release of stagnant energy through the chakra points to allow the Aura (LEM) energy in the body, to be balanced and to flow freely. This is done while in gentle communication with the client. The stagnant energy is released and later returned to the universe in ritual. The client notices the shift in energy physically and mentally.  Soul work is given in order to integrate the shift over the following weeks in overcoming unwanted repetitive behaviour or belief patterns.

Another shamanic Technique I do is EXTRACTION. This technique starts with an entrance interview and facilitates the removal of unwanted or toxic energies that the client no longer needs. The removal of heavy energies brings their energy body back into balance, functioning wholly and fully. This is also done in communication with the client who may be aware of the “trom” heavy energy and can effectively release these with love and compassion.

SOUL RETRIEVAL which is a term more widely known these days, is another technique. This technique specifically looks at a possible soul loss due to a trauma in the past or self sabotage. This technique incorporates “Journeying”,  “Sacred Energetic Drama” and “Creative Artwork” These assist the client to understand the energy of the soul loss, the reason behind it, the compensations made by the body to cope with the loss (over years possibly) and rectification of those energies in a very deep and meaningful way.

I also offer PSYCHOPOMP and DEATH RITES work for clients. PSYCHOPOMP work assists the release of the soul/spirit of someone who has died to completion and freedom. This may occur years after their actual death. The DEATH RITES are given to the person who is departing, to assist them with the release of their soul with serenity and consciousness in a gently and meaningful way. These are very sacred and privileged techniques to do for clients and their families and loved ones.

My Shamanic study and practice has become a way of life for me. I feel is necessary in order to be in that balanced, grounded and loving place that is required to be in a position to offer this work.

All work is dependant on the client being ready to do this work.

Client feedback suggests, in particular with the integrated sessions, to allow free time afterwards as you may want to do something special, like go for a meal, walk by the sea, just rest, have some alone time or go out somewhere or meet someone.

Shamanism & Counselling in Dublin

I also facilitate Celtic Wheel Gatherings around the cross quarter celebrations and visits to sacred sited in Ireland.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual traditions and form of energy medicine. The word “Shaman” has its roots in the Siberian Tungus, “Cam” or “Saman”, which was used to identify the medicine man or woman who was a blend of healer; caretaker of the earth; wisdom keeper; counsellor. The Shaman holds the ability to bring harmony to the living energy systems of the individual human, their community, animals, plants and the greater world. These methods of healing, divining and problem-solving through sensitivity to energy and the ability to balance it, have become known as Shamanism. The practice of Shamanism calls us to awaken our indigenous nature. It is not a faith, but a constantly evolving wisdom tradition in which we learn purely from our own, individual, collective and personal experience. Nor is it a religion and it is dogma-free, indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice a person may already hold. The healing shamanic practitioner follows practices that nourish the sacred in the Self and the world and comes to see, know and work with all energy as sacred.

Irish Shamanism is an holistic model of healing and is thoroughly rooted in the Spiritual energy of the land of Ireland. This lineage is pre-Celtic and Celtic, ancient, contemporary and forward looking. There is a deep honouring of the oral Shamanic lineage of this land, the archetypes, mythology and sacred sites that hold our tradition. Geraldine holds alongside native, indigenous practices from other “core Shamanism”, drawing on techniques from the Q’ero Indian in Peru,  initiated during work with them.

Geraldine brings ancient wisdom teachings, indigenous rites of shamanic initiation together with cutting edge breakthrough techniques for Energetic-Spiritual, Psycho-Emotional and Physical emergence. It is a path of holistic development and evolution, a path of remembering who we truly are in our essence and a path of finding the strength to live daily from that place of authenticity.

Shamanic healing consists of a varied body of healing practices performed by the shaman to assist people with their own healing. Using methods and tools unique to specific cultures, such as Celtic and Q’ero. The shaman promotes a three-way healing connection between the client, the shaman, and the universe of spirit.

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Symptoms of fear, inability to trust others, issues of low self-esteem, depression, fogginess and confusion, as well as chronic illnesses relate directly to a lack of power and wholeness within the person. In the shamanic worldview, power and maintaining health go hand in hand. If the soul is restored and power-full, there is no room for illness, which is regarded as an invasive force. These individual sessions are designed to promote healing of body, mind, and spirit. To book a shamanic therapy session now, please feel free to call Geraldine on 086 3473473.

What are the benefits of receiving a shamanic treatment?

A shamanic treatment can:

  • Help you to dismantle energetic patterns and attachments that do not serve your body, mind, and spirit any longer;
  • Open up channels of self-expression and release related mental, psychological, spiritual, and physical blockages, including family lineage issues;
  • Release painful conditions and restore you to wholeness and health
  • Release repressed feelings and thoughts thereby assisting you in the transformation process.

Shamanic Therapy & Counselling in Dublin

What is a typical session like?

With all new clients, an intake is necessary which could be described as a life review, getting a detailed history, this can take about a half hour to an hour.

Then some preparation archytypal and soul work is completed and sacred stones work us used in order to set an intention for the energy work, this can take about quarter of an hour to half an hour.

If the preparation work is sucessful, the energy work can be done. The client, remaining fully clothed and this work is done on a plinth or preferable on a futon on the ground. Each treatment is different and can include different types of breathing techniques. Each type of treatment can be powerful and life changing! This part of the work can last 1-2 hours depending.

Appointment durations can vary for single technique allow two hours and an integrated session, allow 3 hours +

Guidelines for Treatment …

It is best not to eat or drink for one hour prior to a session.

No preparation is required.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate ease of treatment.

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