Introduction to Homeopathy Course

I am taking names now for the next Homeopathy Course in Autumn.

Please email or call me to put your name down on the list.

Homeopathy course in Dublin

This Homeopathy course teaches you, all you need to know about this safe, natural, non-toxic and effective medicine. Homeopathic remedies boost the immune system which in turn kick start the body’s own healing ability.

This course prepares you to feel confident prescribing homeopathic remedies for common ailments and illnesses for yourself, your family or for friends. This practice will make you, your family and friends more aware of their health, noticing and treating illness at onset. Be able to treat ailments on the spot regardless of time and place. Quick treatments that can prevent prolonged sickness and make you more perceptive to your own “Achilles Heel” and how to treat it. Become more observant to the symptoms, their onset and treating them faster and efficiently.

The possibility to instantly treating at onset whether at night-time when you or your children are feeling unwell and sick. This treatment can ensure you are ready for work and your children are ready for school in the morning. Whether on holiday or before exams or other important occasions.

Homeopathy Course in Dublin


This is a practice that brings you, your family and friends closer to better heath and further away from serious or recurring illnesses. This is an informative first aid course and also a hands-on course preparing you to be able to use your own specific Helios first aid kit confidently. This kit contains 36 remedies and is provided and included in the course. You will also be provided with an informative handbook which will be used during the course. No previous knowledge required.


 What the Course Covers:

  • Introduction to Homeopathy, history, principle and disease
  • Learn how to use and administer homeopathic remedies 6c & 30c
  • Introduction to your own specific remedy kit
  • Learn to treat yourself, your family & friends rapidly and effectively, whether at night,  on the way to hospital, on holiday, at the sports field or before exams
  • Information for pregnancy, babies, women and men.
  • Common sense health tips and reminders
  • Treat coughs, colds, hayfever, headaches, heartburn, nausea, travel sickness, shock,  grief, cuts, diarrhoea, indigestion, bumps and bruises, sleeplessness,flu, nervousness, upset, the whole range of everyday ailments and events.

Light refreshments provided

Venue: Time for Me @ The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, 24 Frederick St. South, Dublin 2

Costs: €  195, deposit of € 50 require to book a place on any course.

Receive a Certificate, Handbook and Remedy Kit – If you already have a remedy kit, you can deduct € 50. Alternatively, I can supply you with a bespoke kit.

Homeopathy Course

I can now also supply you with individual kit remedy bottles of various potencies. This can be best done following the course as one the day you will become aware of the important remedies that you  will require and I can supply you with them after the course so you have your own purpose made kit with remedies that you will use.

This course is also running over 2 mornings for mums or 2 evenings during the week for people working.  Call me if you want to discuss other dates. I also run Reiki Courses and an introduction to shamanism courses.

If you have any further queries or would like to  discuss this in more details, please feel free to call Geraldine information on 086 3473473 or e-mail me on

Call Geraldine to book you place now on 086 3473473 or Click here to send a message or request a call back