Women’s Full Moon Circle Dublin

Womens Full Moon Circle in DublinWomen’s Full Moon Circle in Dublin

This monthly women’s full moon circle is a gathering of women, soul sisters, from all walks of life, all ages, coming together around the time of the full moon to share, cleanse, reflect and connect with the wisdom and beauty of each other, the moon, life and our journey.

There is a theme each month connected with the cycle of the moon, the seasons, our universe and ourselves. This is a safe and confidential group and so attendance is by invitation only. This allows us all to share openly and explore each theme in a deep and meaningful way.

How to Join

To join this new Women’s Full Moon Gathering and receive your full moon gathering invitation, please register with Geraldine by calling me 086 3473473 or emailing timeformedublin @ gmail.com (no spaces of course, put in here for security purposes only)

Womens Full Moon Gatherings Dublin


Time: 7pm – 10pm once a month around the time of the full moon, the date is emailed to the group. The actual date of the gathering may or may not be on the actual full moon but 2-3 days either side of it.

Venue: 24 Frederick St. South, Dublin 2

Donation: €25

Reasons why women come  (comments by Women for Women)

‘To continue the connection of all that I am & who we are.’

‘To be with other like-minded women and not have to talk about skinny jeans!’

‘To sit in circle with the energy of sisterhood.- to be myself & be accepted in the circle.’

‘To support each other and feel the power of the community of Women.’

‘Full Moons are a great time for women to meet.’

‘I need calm nurturing female energy.’

‘A break and detox from male energy.’

‘To learn more and to build a new community.’

‘I want wisdom to know what you know.’

Some Full Moon themesFull Moon Womens Gathering

We follow the Celtic calendar, and so we run our year from Nov to October and so in that time there are  13 full moon gatherings. These are some themes from the past:


“Hibernating”, “Fun and Present for the Self”, “New Year – New You,  “Love”, “The Maiden”, “Birth,  “Relationships”, “Away with the Faeries”,  “The Sun”, “Harvest”, “The Sea,  “Sexuality & Orgasm, “Menopause, “ Personal Resurrection”.


What happens on the night

- The door open at 6.40 and so allow us women time to arrive and have a welcome cup of tea, meet and chat with the women of the nights full moon gathering.

- Sacred space is opened and our circle is cast and so a confidential and safe space is open to all.

- A cleanse is offered, these vary in accordance with the topic of the night. This is an opportunity to let go of the stresses, stains, worries and weights of the past day, week or month and arriving and being fully present at this gathering.

- Then we are ready to open our talking space, taking the opportunity to speak our truth, unspoken secrets, questions, reflections openly in the group and also to listen and learn, all supporting each other.

Full Moon Women- Following on from here is approx an hour of experiential practice which varies according to the theme, it could be the offering of rites of passage, journeying, meditating, group work or some creative practices.

- And before the end of the night, we hold a Fire Ceremony, an opportunity to use fire to release and let go of what no longer serves us and also an opportunity to call in new gifts, new ideas and new plans for the month or months ahead.

- We finish off by closing our circle and sacred space and if anyone feels like another cup of tea and refreshments or a chat before going heading home in the moonlight.

- On the way home, we revel in the deep energies of Seanmháthair Gealach, Old Grandmother Moon, the turner of tides and star of us womenfolk. We invite you to join us – to be yourself in the glorious company of like hearted women of all ages.


How to take part and book your place

If you would like to attend this circle, please email me, Geraldine, timeformedublin @ gmail.com  (no spaces of course, putting in here for security purposes only) with your details and why you feel drawn or would like to join this women’s circle. You can also call me on 086 3473473. Then you will be invited each month to join the circle when it draws you. I will then email you in advance of each full moon with an invitation and to remind you of the date and theme. For first timers, please note that most women come to their first Moon Mná on their own so in the spirit of community we get to know new people & share the joys of their journey with ours.

Click here to confirm interest in receiving the monthly invitation to this circle.