Celtic Wheel Gatherings

Celtic Wheel Gatherings Celebrate with Celtic Wheel Gatherings

These Celtic wheel gatherings take place around the time of the 4 quarter & 4 cross quarter points of the Celtic calendar, traditionally called the Wheel of the Sun. This 8 spoked wheel takes us through the turning of the seasons which have been celebrated in this land by our ancestors, from pagan and druid tradition. It is a time to honour and celebrate the changes of energy which each turn brings to this earth and ourselves. The 4 main points or cross quarters are Samhain ( Nov) , Imbolg (Feb) , Bealtaine ( May) and  Lughansadh (August). And the four lesser points or quarters are the Summer Solstice (June) , Winter Solstice (Dec) , spring equinox (Mar) and autumn equinox ( Sept).

More about the Celtic Wheel

Learn about the Celtic meaning of Samhain (Halloween), the Celtic New Year festival. Celtic Wheel GatheringsOriginally our idea was to use these gatherings to make preparations for each festival. To include ideas for things to do and make before the festival and bring a deeper connection to those developing energies and  things to do on the actual day of the festival. We now feel that maybe it is time to use these gatherings to celebrate the festivals together. Gathering with kindred-spirits, sharing and expressing ourselves, our thoughts and memories. Marking the occasion by following the path of the heart with respect for earth and the unseen spirits of our land. We follow our own life’s progression and consciously reflect and plan in synchronicity with the seasons and surrounding nature. These are enjoyable and fun gatherings with an opportunity to meet like minded people. Celtic Wheel Gatherings

Access the wisdom of the irish ancestory, it is older than the pyramids and still works like Newgrange Cairn.





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