Eve of Imbolg, Feast of St Brigid

Put out your Brat Bhride tonight, the eve of Imbolg and St Brigid’s feast. The Brat Bhride (Brigid’s mantle) is a piece of cloth (cotton, silk ribbon, woollen) that is put outside tonight to catch the dew and be blessed by Brigid, the goddess of healing and life. Keep it in a safe place and use it for protection, fertility and healing throughout the year. Gers pot of ribbons

Imbolg is one of the four cross quarter Celtic festivals along with Samhain (the last celtic festival we celebrated), Bealtaine ( the next one after Imbolg) and Lughnasadh in August. 

Imbolg meaning “in the belly”, referring to the gestation period. We have sown the seeds and now they develop and grow. Snowdrops and daffodils peering through as the first signs of spring. Hope of what’s to come. Celebrating the beauty of nature at this time of growth, and endless possibilities.

It is lovely to celebrate St Bridid’s day with a visit to her gardens in Kildare. There are usually other festivities going on and you might even get to make your very own St Brigids Cross.