New Ways 2010The Celtic New Year celebrations of Samhain are past and winter is certainly here with the solstice getting closer. Darkness reaches its peak with the shortest day and longest night, not far off. Solstice means ‘the standing of the sun’ in Latin with the sun cycle reaching its peak. The solstices are a time to stop and look back on where the half year cycle since Summer Solstice has brought us and a chance to look forward and see the direction in which the next half year may lead us.  A moment to be conscious of your life’s flow and direction; a time to express your hopes and fear and your intentions, to celebrate achievements and a chance to reflect on the balance of light and dark, play and rest, joy and sadness, regrets and hopes and the waxing and waning of the sun and our interaction with it and all of the elements, especially the snow and the cold that has in a way forced us to stop at times recently.