ConkersWith September comes that feeling of enjoying the last rays of summer before the evenings draw in and preparing for the return to school, winter, new focuses and routines.

That eager ‘back to school’ energy brings with it a time of clearing out and preparing for new possibilities and new focus. We may remember when we returned to school a variety of feelings around this time.  By tapping into this energy, we can be inspired to take stock, maybe change routines, plan new courses, and prepare for the winter months ahead. As we do, pulling out our winter warmers, boots, coats, scarves and hats.

Before us is the autumn equinox (20 -23rd Sept) signalling the shorter days ahead and on foot of this harvest  moon on the 23rd of September. Preparations and intentions for the coming months can now be made. The leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees, fruits are ripening, the sap in the trees and plants is moving down, the garden needs to be attended to for the winter months ahead. We can appreciate what the earth has provided for us and give thanks.

The seed ideas we plant now will re-emerge in the spring changed and transformed. Rest and re-charge and take a walk in nature at this wonderful time of transformation.