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Integrated Mind, Body & Spirit (4 Hours)

A powerful healing modality integrating some Talk Therapy, Lomi Lomi Massage & Energy Therapy

  • 4 hours
  • 380 euros
  • 26 Frederick Street South, Dublin 2

Service Description

So yo have done this already adn are back for another session. Go you! A further opportunity to reflect, release heavy energy in the body and relax. You can give me any details of what you might like done differently. The mix you had last time was 1) Talk Therapy to reflect, release anything you have been carrying or holding in your mind and set intention followed by 2) An energy therapy session of Shamanic Reiki to release heavy energies in the auric body, clear and align the chakras to raise your vibration. Followed by an Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, the goddess of massage for physical, mental and emotional release and total relaxation. If you would like to do more of one or another, just email me at or put your comments in the intake sheet. Remember to keep the rest of your day free, just to be. To savour the work, daydream, journal and relax further.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: Please be advised that should you cancel your appointment with me within 48 hours, for one to one sessions, I will require a cancellation payment of €30 to cover session outlay costs. If you cancel your place on one of my courses withing 48 hours, I will required a cancellation payment of € 50 to cover course outlay costs and other incurred ccosts. If the course is full and a potenital place is lost, the full deposit is kept to cover loss of earnings. Any cancellations should be advised by email to and also cancelled on the booking app, via your email confimration.

Contact Details


Lower Ground Floor 26 Frederick Street South, Dublin, Ireland

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