Uuduu Mongolian Shaman’s visit to Ireland this September 2017

Uuduu Mongolian Shaman in DublinWe welcome Uuduu, Mongolian Shaman to Ireland once again after her visit in March and April of this year when she literally blew us away with her knowledge, experience, ceremony and one to one healing sessions.

I met with Uuduu last March when I was invitied to where she was staying with some Mongolian friends in Dublin. They welcomed me with food and told me about their traditions and about Mongolia. Mongolian Ceremony one to one healing Strangly or not strangly at all Mongolia has always been a place I wanted to visit since I was a child and I could never say why or how I know about Mongolia. Uuduu offered to show me her costume and how she worked and invited me to meet her ancestors to discuss why she was here and what she wanted to do.

I was offered a drink, an alcohol make of yak milk, in a beautiful silver lined ceremonial cup. Silver was used in the olden days as a method of checking for poison, there was none! Mongolian ceremonial drinking cup She proceeded to show me her ceremonial clothing and protection tools etc and explain what it all meant. She showed me her drum and explained how it was made through ceremony, everything has a purpose and a reason and is as a result of ceremony and discussion with the ancestors.

So when she started to connect with spirit by playing the juice harp, she allowed me to take photos and film if I wanted to. I wasn’t so interested in doing so but did take a few shots. On one of the video’s, you will see here, as she played the juice harp, I recorded an orb moving across her back from right to left. Click on this blue link to see, it’s spectatular! Uuduu Mongolian Shaman playing Juice Harp – Watch out for Orbs My father was a musician and I had played with the juice harp as a child, this is one item used in Mongolia for connecting with spirit. I though, maybe that was my connection to Mongolia and the reason I was to meet Uuduu.

Then she went onto drum and connected with her ancestors who spoke to me about their intentions, experiences and also answered some of my questions. I journeyed with her drum to Mongolia, flying over the lake and connecting with their lands. Six hours had passed and I was blown away. The ancestor mentioned he wanted to do personal ceremony on the 22nd of March. Spring equinox did cross my mind at that moment. So we agreed to meet the next day at ‘Time for Me’, my healing centre in Dublin City to see how I could assist Uuduu and her ancestors to fulfill an intention to come and connect with the Irish land and Irish people.

We met the next day and after exchanging stories, decided to visit Loughcrew for Spring Equinox, that was about a week later. I collected Uuduu, her husband, Baja, also a shaman and Tunamaldeej, their translator at 4.30am on the 21st of March and we drove to Loughcrew. When we arrived she presented me with a beautiful red kashmir scarf from Mongolia. It started snowing…..it was like a fairy tale. As we walked up the hill, the images appeared to me as if I was in Mongolia, how I imagined it to be. Uuduu Mongolian Shaman in loughcrewThese people are so easy going and such fun to be with, they never stop chatting between themselves and laughed all the time. Believe me! We arrived near the top of the hill and the sun started to show its intention to shine on us. We reached the top of the hill with all of our parafanalia and I went to show them the cairn. I was only intending to show them where it was as I had shown them pictures and explained its purpose and the inside. Us in Loughcrew CairnThe OPW personell actually invited us to enter the cairn, this was just before sunrise. There were some peope in there with lights and they took photos of us. We stayed inside a few minutes to connect with the beautiful energies of the cairn. When we came out, the sun had just risen to welcome us out into the energy of the equinox. What a beautiful scene. A few friends were tipped off, 4 in all but more people arrived. The usual crowd had also gathered. Loughcrew Sunrise Spring Equinox 2017 Uuduu Longolian Shaman

Then Uuduu and Baja set up ceremony on the hill with fire and drum. In the snow it was a spectatular site. Moreso the ceremony that unfolded with the ancestors and the connection with the general public. There were great synchronicities and a plan to do ceremony on Usineach ensued.

Mongolian Sacred Ceremony on Loughcrew Spring Equinox 2017

Loughcrew Sacred Ceremony in Loughcrew Ceremony 2017



The work flowed beautifully and naturally as everything fell into place. About thirty people attended a sacred ceremony on Usineach that over ran by two hours, interesting insights, discussions, peruvain whistles, spontaneous song, gifts, blessings and beautiful connections were made.Uisneach Uuduu singing

Uuduu at ceremony in UisneachUuduu went onto visit Sean’s Bar in Athlone and give a presentation in Deirdre’s beautiful sacred healing space with the opportunity for one to one healing sessions which also took place in Dublin. Her healing sessions are like mini ceremonies, each one being very different, very powerful sessions some very interesting tales to be told.

Uuduu and Baja presentation at Time for Me Dublin Mongolian Shaman

Uuduu and Tunamaldeej in Dubli

Uuduu in Costume at presentation






Uuduu holding mask and looking away

Uuduu in mask

Uuduu smiling at mask (2)






Pictures from Uuduu’s presentation at “Time for Me”, 24 Frederick Street South, Dublin.

So it is with such delight, I welcome Uuduu back to Dublin for a presentation and one to one healing sessions. Both will take place at ‘Time for Me’, 24 Frederick Street South, Dublin 2. The presentation will be on Wednesday 27th September from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. This will consist of a smaller presentation and a group ceremony which will unfold as it does on the evening. Tea will be provided and the suggested donation is €25.

The one to one sessions will take place on Thursday 21st September, Friday 22nd of September and Thursday the 28th of September and Friday 29th of September. These sessions last about 1.5 hours and cost € 130. The sessions consist of ceremony and include Uuduu and her translator who hosts her in the sessions. So these sessions require two people.

If you are interested, would like more information or would like to make a booking, please feel free to call me, Geraldine on 086 3473473 or email me timeformedublin@gmail.com or use this link.

We are making more plans for sacred site visits and a workshop in Ireland this October and November

Warmest blessings,