Introduction to Shamanism

Introduction to Shamanism Course

This Introduction to Shamanism Course helps you to become more aware and connected to your surroundings, nature and the universe. Tap into that inner knowledge and wisdom that we all have within. Learn about self-protection.

Date: Sat, 25th March 2017

Venue: Time for Me – Holistic Therapies & Services, 24 Frederick St.  South, Dublin 2

Cost: € 85 Incl. Handbook with notes

Introduction to Shamanism CourseShamanism is the ancient Irish way of being synchronised with ourselves and nature. It is the oldest form of healing which most indigenous cultures practiced, such as the Native Americans, the Incas and the Aborigines and many many more all over the world. When people come to me for the very first time, we are amazed how easily people can tap into their own intuition, work with their own guides, be an active part of their own energetic healing and make shifts right there and then. This is why I love so much to practice Shamanism. It is not a hierarchical system but rather a peer system of living our own spirituality.
 Introduction to Shamanism CourseAfter shamanic healing I found people are interested to understand more about it for themselves as they become more responsible for their own lives. So this course is a one day introduction to understanding the basics about shamanism which includes the following.Introduction to Shamanism Course

  • Information about the 4 directions, mother earth, universal energy and sacred space.
  • How to do a basic cleanse of yourself and your space.
  • An understanding of the chakras and the aura from a shamanic perspective.
  • Introduction to Shamanism Course Understanding sacred guides and power animals and an opportunity to connect with them.
  • Information about journeying.
  • And some information about the Celtic calendar and sacred sites.

Courses are held in small groups of 4 – 8 so booking in required to ensure a place. Call Geraldine on 086 3473473 or email to book.

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