Acupuncture in Dublin 2

Acupuncture in Dublin 2
Acupuncture in Dublin 2
My name is Alina Romila, I am a qualified and registered acupuncturist, a member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland, having studied  for three years at Lansdowne College, under the excellent tutelage of Dr. Vincent Carroll.


Dr. Carroll is not only an Acupuncturist and a practitioner ofAlina Romila Acupuncture Traditional Chinese medicine but also a Western medical doctor. As a graduate of his college, I have a good understanding of how both Western medicine and Chinese medicine can work together to improve the quality of life of our clients through the use of Acupuncture.
I began to study Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture as part of finding my purpose and  passion for helping people and this has stayed with me to this day. I love my job and it is a great privilege to be able to help people in times of physical or emotional pain by bringing balance in the body.

About Me

I spend some of my spare time volunteering as an Acupuncturist in the ARC Cancer Support Service, helping to alleviate the side-effects of cancer treatments.
I practice TaiChi and Qigong and I am on a continuous personal and professional route, seeking improved ways to restore the well being of our clients.
To book an appointment for Acupuncture, please feel free to call me on 087 201 3704