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Geraldine Walsh Holistic TherapistGeraldine Walsh      Holistic Therapist


I am Geraldine Walsh and I am an experienced and registered therapist. I practice various therapies such as Homeopathy, Reiki, Shamanic Therapy and Coaching.  I can assist you to breakthrough old patterns and habits that no longer serve you. I am patient, very approachable, caring, thoughtful. I have many tools to help you to see things from a different perspective, make a difference, make a breakthrough and change your life.

My Work

I’ve been there myself and I want to help you to be supported, find meaning, find your true cause, find happiness, find love and live your life to the full. All of our work together is discussed and explained. I will work at what ever pace you require and I welcome questions. I can use a mix of these therapies for healing of mind, body and spirit.

We all have the ability within us to make changes by taking responsibility for ourselves and our health. Sometimes, we need someone to guide, facilitate and support us through a difficult patch so that we can move forward and enjoy life.

Warmest Blessings,


Geraldine Walsh- Shaman

Geraldine Walsh - Medicine Woman in DublinGeraldine Walsh - Shamanic TherapistI am privledged to faciliate people to HEAL themselves






Homeopath ¦ Reiki Practitioner & Teacher ¦ Seichem Practitioner &  Teacher ¦ Shamanic Counsellor and Therapist including Energy Therapy ¦ Space Clearing ¦ Rites of Passage ¦ Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaiian BodyworkTherapist incl. Full Body & Pregnancy Massage ¦ Life Coach ¦ CEASE Therapist ¦ Project Manager ¦ Facilitator ¦

Shamanic Therapy in Dublin City







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